Business Studies Book Class 11 , CBSE

The given below is book of NCERT Business Studies For class 11, CBSE. This is revised edition of book issued by ICAI.

The book is divided into 2 parts and contain 12 chapters .Chapter wise book is given you can download the chapter by clicking on the link.


CHAPTER 1 Nature and Purpose of Business

CHAPTER 2 Forms of Business Organisation

CHAPTER 3 Private, Public and Global Enterprises

CHAPTER 4 Business Services

CHAPTER 5 Emerging Modes of Business

CHAPTER 6 Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics

PART-II :  Corporate Organisation, Finance and Trade

CHAPTER 7  Formation of  a Company

CHAPTER 8 Sources Of Business Finance

CHAPTER 9 Small Business

CHAPTER 10 Internal Trade

CHAPTER 11 International Business – I

CHAPTER 12 International Business – II

This textbook is expected to provide a good understanding of the environment in which a business operates. A manager has to analyse the complex, dynamic situations in which a business is placed. Therefore, content enrichment in the form of business news and abstracts of articles from business journals and magazines has been given as inset material (boxes). This will encourage students to be observant about all business activity and discover what is happening in business organisations with the exception that they will update their knowledge through the use of libraries, newspapers, business oriented TV programmers and the internet. Various types of question are given and case problems, multiple choice questions have been introduced to test the application of subject knowledge to realistic business situations.




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