Business Studies Book Class 12

Download the NCERT business studies book for Class 12 CBSE.

Part 1 of Business Studies book provides This textbook is expected to provide a good understanding of the environment in which a business operates. A manager has to analyse the complex, dynamic situations in which a business is placed. Therefore, content enrichment in the form of business news and abstracts of articles from business journals and magazines has been given as inset material (boxes).

It contains 6 chapters:

Chapter 1 :Nature and Significance of Management

Chapter 2 :Principles of management 

Chapter 3 : Business Environment

Chapter 4 :Planning

Chapter 5: Organisation

Chapter 6 :Staffing

Chapter 7 : Directing

Chapter 8 :Controlling


Part 2 of Business Studies Book contains

Chapter 9 : Financial Management

Chapter 10 : Financial Market

Chapter 11: Marketing

Chapter 12:Consumer Protection

Chapter 13 :Entrepreneurship Development

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