Business Studies Syllabus for CBSE

Download the Business Studies Syllabus For Class 12 ,CBSE for the academic year 2016-17.This is a revised syllabus issued by CBSE for the current academic year

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The courses in business studies and Accountancy are introduced at +2 stage of Senior Secondary Education as formal commerce education is provided after first ten years of schooling. Therefore, it becomes necessary that instructions in these subjects are given in such manner that students have a good understanding of the principles and practices bearing in business (trade and industry) as well as their relationship with the society.

Business is a dynamic process that brings together technology, natural resources and human initiative in a constantly changing global environment . To understand the framework in which a business operates, a detailed study of the organization and management of business processes and its interaction with the environment is required. Globalisation has changed the way organizations transact their business.

Information Technology is becoming  a part of business operations in more and more organizations. Computerised  systems are fast replacing other systems. E-business and other related concepts are picking up fast which need to be emphasized in the curriculum.

The course in Business Studies will prepare students to analyse, manage, evaluate and respond to changes which affect business. It provides  a way of looking at and interacting with the business environment. It recognizes the fact that business influences and is influenced by social , political, legal and economic forces. It allows students to appreciated that business is an integral component of society and develops an understanding of many social and ethical issues.

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