Entrepreneurship Project on Business Plan


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Size: 40-45 Pages

Made as per guidelines given on NCERT Entrepreneurship Book of Class 12.


Our Entrepreneurship Project Material on Business Plan includes the following –

1)Your business idea: (Main product or service)
2) Name of your business, its logo and tagline
3) Are there similar products or services in the market?
4) What is competitive advantage and what is unique selling proposition (USP) of the selected product/service ?
5) Marketing plan:

  • Market research plan (Description of competitor, demand for product/service etc)
  • Target customers and how will you reach them?
  • Advertising and promotion ideas
  • Packaging-Eco-friendly packaging
  • Distribution (How do you intend reaching your customers?)-Channel of distribution – direct and indirect
  • What does quality mean for your product or service?-ISI, Agmark, FPO etc.

6)What is the cost per unit of your product or service?-With computation or logic.

                 Computed fixed cost – With the following details

  • Consultancy charges
  • Salary
  • Rent
  • Insurance

                 Variable cost – Any of the following details can be added

  • Packing charges
  • Raw material
  •  Power
  •  Wages

7) What is your selling price and your reason for it?
8) Details of your start–up costs
9) How would you meet your start up costs?
10) What are the likely risk factors in your business and how do you plan to mitigate them?
11) One month’s profit and loss statement for the first month of the second year.

12) What is the break-even point of your business? Computation assuring the selling price and units which will be sold.

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