Business Studies Project on Marketing Management on Existing Product


Existing Product in Market ?



Existing Product : Complete project material on products already existing in the market(TO know more see FAQ below). To get project on new product launch Click here.

Complete Guideline Coverage: Our project material is based on CBSE guidelines and covers full CBSE Guidelines.

Project on Products of your choice: You can select the product for your project from the list product suggested below or select any other product of your choice.All you need to do is specify the name of the product in product detail field while you make the payment.

Diagrams and Charts: Contains diagrams and charts to make your project attractive .

Complete marketing strategy of your product


Full Specification

Name: Business studies project on marketing management for Class 12 , CBSE .

Project Material Size: 40-45 Pages

Our Project Material Includes:


  • Name of the product and brief introduction
  • Logo of your product
  • Tagline

2.Why  you have  selected this product/service?

3. Features of your product

4.Unique Selling Proposition of your product

5. Does your product have any range give details?

6.  Who are your competitors ?

7.Analysis of ‘5’ competitive brands that exist in the market and their Unique Selling Proposition.[U.S.P.] .

8. What permission and licences would be required to make the product?

9.Packaging Of your Product

10.Label Of your Product

11. What is the selling price of your competitor’s product?

  •  Selling price to consumer
  • Selling price to retailer
  • Selling price to wholesaler

What is the profit margin in percentage to the

  • Manufacturer.
  • Wholesaler.
  • Retailer

12. Which channel of distribution are you going to use? Give reasons for selection?

14. Decisions related to warehousing, state reasons.

15. What is going to be your selling price?

  • To consumers
  • To retailers
  •  To wholesalers

16. List 5 ways of promoting your product in market

17. Any schemes for

  •  The wholesalers
  •  The retailers
  •  The consumers

19. What means of transport you will use and why?

20. Draft a social message for your label.

21. What are cost-effective techniques  for your product.

22. What are cost-effective techniques for promotion plan of your product.

23. Complete SWOT Analysis of the product

24. Conclusion



Q.) What will happen if the project material on the product I select is already taken by any of my classmate from you?

Ans. As per our policy we do not provide same project material to any 2 student in same school in any case.Please be assured of this.If you select any product already taken by your classmate, our team will contact you and request you to change your product name.

Q. ) Do I have to make my project on product existing in market or a launch a new product in market in my project ?

If nothing is specified in your school you have to make project on new product launch in the market.You need to take project on existing product only if it is specified in your school.


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