Comprehensive Accountancy Project – Partnership Firm




  1. Well written Story covering all major points
  2. 5 Adjustment entries
  3. Diagrams for all Ratio to make your project attractive.
  4. Accurate and attractive project
  5. Actual business Transactions with realistic amount


Name: Comprehensive Accountancy Project on Partnership Firm

Comprehensive Accountancy Project material includes

  1. Certificate
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Index
  4. Story /Case study (250 to 300 words)
  5. Journal Entries
  6.  Ledger Accounts
  7. Trial Balance
  8. Trading  A/C
  9. Profit & Loss  A/C
  10. Balance Sheet Ratios -Gross Profit Ratio, Net Profit Ratio,Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Debt Equity Ratio.
  11. Profit and Loss Appropriation A/c
  12. Partners Capital Account
  13. Comment on ratios and Diagrammatic Representation
  14. Conclusion

Product Details

You can select any of the business organisation given below.Just specify the name of the business in additional details columns while you make the payment.

If you want project on any other business you can contact us.

Firm Name
Bag Manufacturer
 Textile Industry
Shoes Manufacturer
Car Dealer
Fan Manufacturer
 Chips Manufacturer
Any other of your choice



Q.) Which project should you buy project on Sole Proprietorship firm or Partnership firm?

Ans. This depends upon what is asked in your school .Majority of schools ask comprehensive accountancy Project on a Sole Proprietorship Proprietorship Firm , however there are some schools which ask for project on partnership firm.

If nothing is said in your school , then you need a project on sole Proprietorship firm





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