Accountancy Class 12 syllabus

Get the latest Accountancy syllabus for Class 12 . Students are advised to study updated with the latest syllabus.

CBSE change their syllabus from time to time. So keep updated with the latest syllabus.

This is a latest syllabus issued by CBSE for the academic year 2016-2017. Students should go through their books and insure that their books cover all the topics of CBSE syllabus.

While most of the latest books cover full syllabus, one with the old books should be careful.

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Accountancy Syllabus Class 12

With the changing economic scenario and business environment in a state of continuous flux, elementary business education along with accountancy as the language of business and as a source of financial information has carved out a place for itself at the senior school stage.Its syllabus constant should give students a firm foundation in basic accounting principles and methodology and also acquaint them with the changes taking place in the presentation and analysis of accounting information, keeping in view the development of accounting standards and use of computers.
Against this background, the course puts emphasis on developing basic understanding about the nature and purpose of the accounting information and its use in the conduct of business operations. This would help to develop among students logical reasoning, careful analysis and considered judgement. Accounting as an information system aids in providing financial information.

In class 12th, Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies are to be taught as a compulsory part. Students will also be given opportunity to understand  further about computerized Accounting System, as an optional course to analysis of Financial Statements.






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