Entrepreneurship Book Class 12 CBSE

Download the latest NCERT Entrepreneurship Book of Class 12 CBSE. This is a latest revised addition. 

Given below is a link of CBSE official website. Download the directly from there.

The book contain 6 units.

Unit 1 :Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Unit 2 :Enterprise Planning

Unit 3 :Enterprise Marketing

Unit 4 :Enterprise Growth Strategies

Unit  5: Business Arithmetic

Unit  6: Resource Mobilization

In the end of book ,Appendix is there which contains: Guidelines for Practical Examination

The revised edition of Entrepreneurship incorporates new chapters that introduce students to market
dynamics and encourage their hidden entrepreneurial skills. The revision aims at providing some
background information, case studies, activities, new templates and basic concepts to help the students
attain a better understanding of higher-order concepts that are being dealt with in greater detail in the
curriculum of class XII.

The course aims at providing the basic concepts of entrepreneurship, thereby equipping the students with entrepreneurial values, attitudes, motivation and competencies so that they can pursue a career that
also calls for creativity and innovation.



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