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Business Studies Book Class 11 , CBSE

The given below is book of NCERT Business Studies For class 11, CBSE. This is revised edition of book issued by ICAI. The book is divided into 2 parts and contain 12 chapters .Chapter wise book is given you can download the chapter by clicking on the link. PART I: FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS  CHAPTER 1 […]

Economics Book Class 11 , CBSE

Download the NCERT Economics book of Class 11 CBSE titled Indian Economic development.This is a latest revised edition of book published by NCERT. Chapter wise book is given below , you can select the chapter and view it The book is divided into 4 parts and have 11 chapters   UNIT 1 DEVELOPMENT POLICIES AND EXPERIENCE […]

Economics Book Class 12 ,CBSE

Download the economics book class 12 CBSE . We are providing the latest NCERT book for economics class 12 . The book is divided into  2 parts , part 1 : Introduction to Microeconomics and Part 2 : Introduction to Macroeconomics . Part 1 contains 6 chapters and Part 2 also contains 6 chapters and […]

Supplementary Reading Material in Economics

Download the supplementary reading material for Class 12 economics effective from 2014 onward .This material is covered in latest books and publications.Still student are advised to go through the matter at least once and cover all the topic thoroughly before the exam as it is expected that these topics will be asked or in the […]

Business Studies Book Class 12

Download the NCERT business studies book for Class 12 CBSE. Part 1 of Business Studies book provides This textbook is expected to provide a good understanding of the environment in which a business operates. A manager has to analyse the complex, dynamic situations in which a business is placed. Therefore, content enrichment in the form of […]

Business Studies Syllabus for CBSE

Download the Business Studies Syllabus For Class 12 ,CBSE for the academic year 2016-17.This is a revised syllabus issued by CBSE for the current academic year Click Here to download Business Studies Syllabus for Class 12 The courses in business studies and Accountancy are introduced at +2 stage of Senior Secondary Education as formal commerce […]

Accountancy Class 12 syllabus

Get the latest Accountancy syllabus for Class 12 . Students are advised to study updated with the latest syllabus. CBSE change their syllabus from time to time. So keep updated with the latest syllabus. This is a latest syllabus issued by CBSE for the academic year 2016-2017. Students should go through their books and insure […]

Entrepreneurship Book Class 12 CBSE

Download the latest NCERT Entrepreneurship Book of Class 12 CBSE. This is a latest revised addition.  Given below is a link of CBSE official website. Download the directly from there. The book contain 6 units. Unit 1 :Entrepreneurial Opportunity Unit 2 :Enterprise Planning Unit 3 :Enterprise Marketing Unit 4 :Enterprise Growth Strategies Unit  5: […]

Entrepreneurship Project for class 12 cbse

Practical/Project Work For Entrepreneurship Detailed guidelines of Project Work for Entrepreneurship are given at the end of the NCERT Entrepreneurship book. Below are the Guidelines issued by CBSE  for Teacher for Entrepreneurship project of class 12 Introduction: The main objective of the course in Entrepreneurship is to generate in the students initiative, selfreliance and enthusiasm […]

CBSE Guidelines for Business Studies Project On Principles Of Management

CBSE Guidelines for Business Studies Project on Principles of Management for Class 12 are: The students are required to visit any one of the following: 1) A departmental store. 2) An Industrial unit. 3) A fast food outlet. 4) Any other organisation approved by the teacher. They are required to observe the application of the […]


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