Business Studies Project on scientific management Techniques


Based on Scientific Management techniques by F.W. Taylor



  • CBSE Guidelines: Our project material is based on CBSE guidelines and covers complete CBSE guidelines.
  • Any Organisation of Your choice: You can get the project material on any organisation of your choice.Just specify the name of organisation in the additional details field while you make the payment.If you are not sure we can also suggest you with names of organisations and you can choose from them.
  • Full of Diagrams and Charts:Charts and diagrams are included  to make your project attractive.
  • Accurate application of Techniques of Scientific Management: Accurate and detailed application of techniques of scientific management and its effect on organisation.


Full Specification

  • Name: Business Studies Project on Scientific Management techniques by F.W. Taylor for Class 12 ,CBSE
  • Size: 40-45 Pages
  • Made as per CBSE Guidelines. Refer CBSE guidelines for more details CLICK HERE
  • Size – 35-40 Pages
  • Our Project material will include
  1. Certificate
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Index
  4. Introduction
  5. About the selected organisation
  6. A brief Introduction to chapter and detailed explanation of all the techniques of scientific management
  7. Detailed explanation of all 6 techniques applicable to the selected organisation and their effect on organisation
  8. Detailed Observations
  9. Questionnaire – From Employees and Management
  10. Diagrams and Charts
  11. Conclusion
  12. Any thing else that you require.

Following are the Scientific Management Techniques on which project is based:

  • Functional Foremanship
  • Standardization and simplification of work
  • Method study
  • Motion Study
  • Time Study
  • Fatigue Study
  • Differential piece rate plan.

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