Entrepreneurship Project on Market Survey


Market Survey Project

For Class 12 & Class 11



Based on CBSE Guidelines.

Full of Charts and Diagrams

Product of your choice.

Full Specification

Project is based on CBSE guidelines & Sample Project given at the end of the NCERT book.
Topic : Entrepreneurship Project on Market Survey for Class 12
Project Includes
Simple market research with the objective of estimating demand for an existing product in the market.
1. Think of an innovation in the selected product, (innovation could be in product content, feature,design, packaging, distribution, strategy, service etc.)
2. Test the feasibility of this innovation via market analysis, using an objective questionnaire.
3. Competition analysis (2 – 3 existing brands in the same category).
4. Questionnaire and responses
 5.Analysis of responses  
6. Recommendation to the company
7. Other things


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